$2,000,000 REAL ACCOUNT

Copy our trades for FREE with our Automatic Robot with up to 100% refund.

Our Services

Automatic CopyTrader

 Make sure to never miss a trade with our fully Automated Robot. It has a perfect low risk money management strategy and copies the trades directly from our $2,000,000 Real Account.

Insurance Refund Plan

Safest and most secure Insurance Plan in the financial markets. We refund up to 100% of your initial deposit, in the small chance of total loss!

Premium Vip Trades

By joining our Insurance Plan you will be granted access to our Premium Telegram Channel, where we give you the most accurate Live Trades and where you can follow them in real time.

Meet our Automatic CopyTrader

Easy and automated Copytrader that does all the work for you. For those who hate placing manual trades, our Robot is the perfect solution to sit back and watch your money grow.

Automatic Trading System

Low risk money management CopyTrading strategy, that automatically opens and closes your trades while adjusting your lotsize according to your account balance as it grows.

AI Account Management

With our Automatic AI Account Management we will assure that your investment is being safely traded with an increasing growth as each cycle of trades is closed. Our strategy has been developed and tested for over 10 years.

Lifetime Free

Our Copytrader is and will always be completly Free to use! No secret fees or profit shares of any kind. What you make is 100% yours. After joining our family we will explain you step-by-step on how to activate it.

Meet our Insurance Refund Plan

Innovative never before seen Investment Insurance plan, where we provide the opportunity of a full refund on any deposit made while sharing our commissions with our clients.

Insurance Deposit Refund

With up to 100% refund on any deposit our Insurance Plan is one of the safest investment services in the finance market. We are the only service in the world that refunds all of your deposits in case of total loss.

Security Fund

Trendlybot firmly believes that transparency is key! We created a non-trading account that will be available for everyone to watch and follow in real time. We will share part of our commissions into that account as a security fund that will be increasing as each trade is given.

Lifetime Free

Our Insurance Plan is and will always be completly Free to use! No secret fees or profit shares of any kind. What you make is 100% yours. If by a small chance we lose your money, we will refund you back in the totality of your deposits.

Our Plans

Insurance Plan

Minimum Deposit Required



  • Up to 100% Deposit Refund
  • Access to Security Fund
  • Shared Commission
  • AI Account Management
  • Automatic CopyTrader
  • VIP Daily Trades
  • Premium Telegram Channel
  • Daily Profit Count
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • Metatrader 4 Trade Access
  • Free for Lifetime

Insurance Plan

Minimum Deposit Required



  • Up to 100% Deposit Refund
  • Access to Security Fund
  • Shared Commission
  • AI Account Management
  • Automatic CopyTrader
  • VIP Daily Trades
  • Premium Telegram Channel
  • Daily Profit Count
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • VIP Exclusive Broker Portal
  • Free for Lifetime

About Us

Trendlybot Team tries to be the most transparent possible.
Here are some additional features that we offer beside our Premium Services.


Our Goal Is Client’s Success And Future Growth

Here are some key features about Trendlybot as a company.

Quality Over Quantity

We wont overflow you with random signals. The mix between good signals and good money management is the key.

Transparency is Key!

Trust is the most important thing in the Financial markets. Our tools and softwares are created to prioritize our clients, if we make money, you make money.

10+ Years of Experience

We have been working in the Forex market since 2007, developing 100% automated trading tools and Expert Advisors. We share with you our knowledge and strategies and our best results.

Easy and Simple

We pride ourselves in creating not only amazing tools and softwares , but also we feel that we should make them easy and friendly to use. This market is already hard , so our goal is to make your life simple.

Additional Services

Beside our normal plans, Trendlybot offers a variaty of additional services
that can help you grow as a trader and financial expert.

Follow Every Trade

Follow live and in real time every single trade we give in our Partner Broker website. The most unique trading portal specially customized for our Premium clients.

24/7 Live Support

We will never leave you without an answer. Our support team is constantly online to answer all of your questions and doubts.

Free Telegram Channel

Constant updates from our Premium Channel and all of the results from our clients. Stay up to date with our profits and the feedback of our customers.

Fully Detailed Tutorials

Step-byStep Video Tutorials where we will teach how to open an account with us and setup your CopyTrader in the most easiest way.

High Pay Affiliate Program

One of the best High Paid affiliate programs in the financial market. Easy, steady and simple recurring passive income.

MyFxBook Portfolio

We let our results speak for themselves. Verify our real time results on our MyFxBook Portfolio section.


MyFxBook live portfolio with
100% ROI made.

Transparency is key! We decided to show you our $2.000.000 Account portfolio growth as well as our audited software which is the same we use for you.

MyFxBook Real Accounts

We pride ourselves for being different than the rest. We are not afraid to show our results in real time, so if you have any doubts about joining our family… See the results for yourself !

Audited CopyTrader

Our Robot is not a common one, it has been verified and audited by one of the biggest financial auditing companies in the world. At your disposal… OUR COPYTRADER.


Join Our High Paid #1 Affiliate Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the CopyTrader and Insurance Plan the same?

Yes, they belong to the same and only plan we have. Its the most complete and safe package in the financial markets. You have access to the copy trader for free and an insurance refund with up to 100% of your deposits also for free!

Can I use my Own Broker?

No, its not possible to use your own broker, because we want to fully guarantee our service to the client and by using our own system and broker we can 100% be responsible for any misfortune that might occur.

Where Can i Receive your Signals?

Our signals are delivered via telegram, after subscribing to our plan you will receive a link to our premium channel.

What are the main advantages of using the copytrader and how can I install it?

Automatic execution of the signals in your account and an inteligent AI Account Management. For the installation we will give you fully detailed step-by-step tutorials along with the guidance of our support team.

What payment methods do we accept?

We accept  Credit Cards (Stripe), Skrill, Neteller, Wire Transfer and Bitcoin.

How can i contact you if i have any doubts?

You can contact us through online chat, by email or through our telegram channel

Do you have an Affiliate Program?

Yes we do. In our Affiliate Section you can see all the conditions you need to become our partner. We have one of the best High Paying Shared Commission affiliate programs in the market.